JOVO LNG Business

Dongguan JOVO LNG Storage and Transportation Co.,Ltd

Established on January, 2008, as a subsidiary of Jovo Group,Dongguan JOVO LNG Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the whole industrial chain business of LNG from overseas procurement, shipping, receiving, warehousing, sales and business of other related financial derivatives. The LNG repository, invested and built in the eastern bank of Pearl River, is the only facility capable of receiving LNG invested, built and operated by private enterprise in the country and it serves as the peak-shaving repository of Guangdong. With years of experience in overseas procurement of LNG, the company has accumulated abundant resources, formed smooth channel of overseas procurement and executed long-term and stable Sales and Purchase Agreements with main LNG suppliers from South-east Asia, Middle East, North America, Europe, etc.; Besides, as a specialized clean-energy service provider, the company also owns sophisticated platform and professional team in shipping, warehousing and distributing to provide customers with full service.

Petro China JOVO Natural Gas Co., Ltd.

Petro China JOVO Natural Gas Co., Ltd. was invested by Jovo Group and Hainan China Oil Shennan Petroleum Technology Development Co., Ltd. in January 2010. The company is located at Nancheng District, Dongguan, Guangdong, which mainly engages in investment and operation of natural gas vehicle fueling station and natural gas pipe network, and distribution of natural gas in South China.

As the natural gas supplier and technical provider, Petro China JOVO has invested several natural gas vehicles fueling station in Dongguan depending on the abundant upstream resources, powerful strength and mature technology with Pearl River Delta-based, has cooperated to develop numerous natural gas projects for industrial and mining enterprises, and has formed the considerable natural gas customer system.

Guangdong JOVO Gas Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Jovo Gas Technology Co., Ltd. is located at Petrochemical Base in Lisha Island, Dongguan. which mainly engages in supply of industrial fuel gas, transformation and services of energy-saving technology, and contractual energy management, and dedicates to become the leading provider for integrated solution of industrial low-carbon and energy-saving combustion in the country. With the core value idea of technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, Jovo is committed to provide industrial clean energy combustion technology and effective and green industrial gas products for clients.

In compliance with “Dedication, Professional, Innovation”, Jovo Technology takes full advantage of upstream resources, establishes the energy-saving technology institute integrated with “production, study and research”, and organizes the technical group, capacity and system with core competitiveness through independent R&D, cooperative development, foreign import, and other ways. The company has a foothold in Guangdong, radiates its business to South china, and develops in the whole country, and then faces the world. Its business involves urban traffic, urban pipe network, metal processing, glass lighting, ceramic ware, chemical and pharmaceutical, gas power plant and other industries.

JOVO LPG Business

JOVO Energy Co., Ltd. Dongguan 

JOVO Energy Co., Ltd Dongguan is a large professional clean energy company jointly established by Jovo Group and Guangdong Guangye Investment Group. 

It has a 50,000-ton oil, gas and petrochemical dock (with 80,000-ton structure in water), a LPG storage and processing facility with a capacity of 132,000 cubic meters, four pressurized spheric tanks each with a capacity of 3,000 cubic meters, a storage and shipping facility for refined oil and methanol with a capacity of 125,000 cubic meters.  With an annual sales volume of 1.5 million tons of LPG, it accounts for 30% market share of Southern China as a top performer in the industry. 

JOVO Energy Co., Ltd. Dongguan is located in the center of the petrochemical base in Lisha Island, Humen Port, Dongguan City, with the Pearl River flowing behind it and Yanjiang Highway and Shugang boulevard running across in front, thus offering convenient traffic links.

JOVO DME Business

Dongguan JOVO Chemical Co., Ltd

Dongguan Jovo Chemical Co., Ltd. founded in August 2007, is located in Dongguan Comprehensive Energy Base of Jovo Group,which is the energy chemical enterprise directly subordinated to Jovo Group , as well as a large-scale chemical production and storage trading enterprise integrated with production and sale of DME, trading of methanol, and other chemicals.

Jovo Warehousing and Logisitics Services

GuangdongJOVO Logistics Co.,Ltd

Established on August , 2010, Guangdong Jovo Logistics Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the transport of dangerous chemicals including LNG, LPG and DME and has a professional vehicle transportation teams and over 100 vehicles.

JOVO Logistics possesses a highly-efficient professional management team and a group of experienced and stable drivers, as well as a delivery network covering the whole China. JOVO Logistics has always put the interests of its customers first and carried out standardized operations in strict accordance with modern logistics process.Therefore,it successfully meets customers’ demands for transportation, inquiry, supervision, tracking and financial settlements in a fast and efficient way.

Dongguan Jovo Warehousing Services Co., Ltd

Established on July , 2013 as a subsidiary of Jovo Group, Dongguan Jovo Warehousing Services Co., Ltd is located in the center of Delicacy Management Park at the petrochemical base in Lisha Island, Humen Port, Dongguan City, with the Pearl River flowing behind it and Lisha boulevard and Yanjiang Highway running in front, thus offering convenient traffic links. 

The Warehousing Company is an enterprise established to offer innovative professional warehousing services, port operation and professional technological services following the integration of specialized companies under Jovo Group.  Among its 230 employees, there are over 40 senior engineers, security engineers and professional engineers.  It mainly offers warehousing services for such clean energy as LPG and LNG. With a total investment of over RMB 1.3 billion, JOVO warehousing area, covering a land of approximately 343.5 mu, is mainly composed of a 50,000-ton oil, gas and petrochemical dock (with a structure weighing 80,000 in the water), a LPG storage and shipping facility with a capacity of 135,000 cubic meters, a storage and shipping facility for refined oil and methanol with a capacity of 125,000 cubic meters, a dimethyl ether production facility with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons and a natural gas storage, shipping and processing facility with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters. Warehousing Company is responsible for the operation management, maintenance, repairs and such work in JOVO warehousing area,


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