HR management concept: Talent election and capacity performance, diligence advocating and performance reward.

Talents are the endless energy for promoting the sustainable development of JOVO Group. The creation a professional team with high quality and level, high passion and performance is  the fundamental guarantee for JOVO Group to realize overall strategic concept. For this purpose, JOVO Group adheres to HR management concept of “talent election and capacity performance, diligence advocating and performance reward”.

Regarding talent selection and introduction, JOVO Group must --

Set up the employment value of “morality first”, and put the good talents who have noble occupational ethics and recognize the harmonious culture;

Establish scientific talent appraisal indicator system, improve the talent screening ability, and be good at discovering the talents’ advantages in ability, to really know how to judge people and use them;

Prepare the open and comprehensive environment for talent survival, take progressive talent integration planning, and widely absorb the able persons with ambition, and effectively play its key role;

Employment without doubt. Providing the stage to for the excellent talents to show their ability;

Regarding talent cultivation and incentive, JOVO Group must --

Carry forward the positive customs, focus on the employee’s spiritual life, and create the positive, healthy and happy working environment, so as to make the work full of pleasure and enhance the employee’s sense of belongings; 

Highly recognize the diligent and dedicated staffs, and give more opportunities of study and development for them; perfect the multiple incentive mechanism, including comprehensively competitive remuneration welfare, contribution award, and employee shareholding system). Construct diversified occupational platform, implement fair and transparent performance management, and amply reward those staffs who make an important contribution to the improvement of company business performance and strategic development, and enhance the corporate cohesion and centripetal force. 

Training and Development 

Learn from doing    Opportunity for job sharing and knowledge sharing 

Learn from theory   Perfect training mechanism, internal training, external staining and self-study

Learn from others   Excellent superior manager and tutor and excellent team


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